Cable Kamkabel


Cable and conduction products of Kamkabel trademark are demanded in energy, oil and coal-mining industries, in industrial and resedential construction, on metallurgy, mechanical engineering, Russian Railway, avia and shipbuilding objects.
Modern processing equipment, powerful testing facilities of Kamkabel plant provide release of high-quality cable and conduction products with different types of isolation:
• paper impregnated,
• rubber,
• from plastic compound PVC,
• seamed polyethylene,
• ftoroplastovykh of films,
• vitreous fibers,
• emallak,
• other modern materials.

The quality certificate of Kamkabel company corresponds to ISO 9001:2008.

Каталог Cable with isolation from XPLE on high voltage 110-220 kV (5,5Mb)
Брошюра Cable with isolation from XPLE on average voltage 6-35 kv (9,5Mb)
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