Cable on average, high and ultra-high voltage

Having mastered the production technology of electric cables with isolation from seamed polyethylene (SPE), SÜDKABEL forever changed the world cable market.

This technology quickly won the leading line items in the market, due to the indisputable advantages over cables with other type of isolation, namely:
►  elevated working temperature, therefore, the enlarged capacity
►  elevated resistance during the work in the conditions of overloads and short circuits
►  possibility of laying on routes with an unlimited difference of levels
►  lack of oil, bitumen, lead simplifies mounting, operation and removes ecologically unfavorable factors
►  are more reliable in operation ; require smaller expenses on reconstruction and content of cable lines
►  less weight and admissible radius of a bend
►  possibility of production big construction length cables
►  longer term of service life
 elevated thermal and mechanical resistance of the sewed polyethylene is caused by creation of new molecular communications in the course of curing ("stitching") of isolation.

World development tendencies of cable networks on an average and high voltage obviously indicate prevalence of this cable type. Now in the USA and Canada the share of cables from SPE (XLPE) is 85% percent, in Germany and Denmark - 95%.

Каталог Cable with isolation from XPLE and systems for high and ultrahigh voltage (3,4Mb)
Брошюра Solid conductor with isolation fron XPLE for networks of average voltage(0,8Mb)

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