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SGB produces transformes with cast isolation of MVA powerandvoltage of 36 kV.

We can deliver converting,distribution and special transformers.

We have more than 10-years experience in designing transformers with cast isolation, More of that, SGB has international experience in this question, which expressed in high rates of quality. For example average time between accidents (MTBF) exceeds 1.700 years.

SGB transformers with cast isolation possess a number of characteristics which technically allocate them from some other transformers with cast isolation and has been made them is one of the best and safe decisions.

For you as for the consumer it means the following benefits:
• Resistance of the equipment to shock of voltage overloads
• Ability to compete with overloads through thermal reserve
• Resistance to sharp jumps of temperature
• Company has guranteed long life circle 

Каталог Transformers with cast isolation - Technical catalog (2Mb)
Каталог Transformers with cast isolation - Presentation (3,3Mb)

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