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K-Elektrotechnik laboratory is capable to take tests, measurements and search of damages in cable lines.

In this section you can get acquainted with types of tests and measurements on cable lines of 6-220 kV.

Purpose of the tests is to compare the values of the line´s parameters obtained from the test with the original values and to assess the distinctions on admission changes. Exit of values of the received parameters for the established limit rates should be considered as a sign of existence of defects which can lead to refusal of the line. Technical condition of cable lines is determined not only by comparison of results of concrete tests with the normalized values, but also by set of results of all carried-out tests, surveys and data of operation. In case the unsatisfactory results are obtained, the search of damages on Cable lines is carried out.

Electro technical laboratory of our company is capable to carry out all complex of necessary testing and measurements both for newly mounted, and for the high-voltage cable lines which are in operation, in full accordance with the existing regulating documents, and also recommendations of manufacturing plants of a cable and a cable armature.

For commissioning of cable lines and in a process of commissioning the following types of control are also established:

• Tests for commissioning of new cable lines and lines, which passed recovery or capital repair made by specialized repair shop (Acceptance);

• Tests after capital repairs made by the operating organization (Control);

• Between-repairs tests (Between-repairs).