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Thermovision control - the method of nondestructive control which is based on an infrared termografiya (IT).

Infrared termografiya - science about registration and the analysis of information on a thermal condition of physical objects obtained by means of contactless systems of visualization of thermal (IT) radiation.

The operator who is carrying out thermovision control obtains information on the general condition of a controlled object in real time being able to reveal problems and to anticipate emergencies without leaving the object.

In some cases for the responsible equipment it is necessary to use detailed analysis of thermograms accomplished by qualified personnel and specialized software.

Thermovision control is the most modern method of non-contact control of operating modes of electric equipment. This type of control finds the increasing application in electroinstallations with the tough modes of operation and the equipment that for any reason involves idle time and economic losses if it is taken out from work.

Examples of thermovision control:

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