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Санкт-Петербург: +7 (812) 602-99-60

OLLC K-Elektrotekhnik has a long experience of a successful cooperation with one of world leaders on the development and production of Tayko Electronics Raykhy GmbH cable armature.

Tayko Electronics Raykhy GmbH offers a wide range of a cable armature and components for cable networks:
• single-ended sleeves
• plug-in sleeves
• connecting and transpositional sleeves
• cases of a transline item, grounding and sets of optical fiber cable
• additional materials, polymeric limiters of overvoltage and tool.
pdf.png Cable fittings of high voltage up to 110 kV (7Mb)
Каталог Cable fittings of average voltage up to 35kV (11,3Mb)
Каталог Cable fittings for self-suppoting air KL up to 35kV (3,5Mb)

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