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Санкт-Петербург: +7 (812) 602-99-60

The SEVKABEL plant (the former Cable plant of Trading house "Siemens and Galsk") was founded in 1879 by German industrialist Karl-Heinrich Siemens.

"SEVKABEL" - first plant in Russia at which was organized release of cable products . During the whole years of existence Sevkabel remains a leader of cable industry. The plant entered in 21st century with universal opportunities for production of wide cables nomenclature.

Quality of cables, inputs and separate unique developments production have already estimated by buyers in Russia and abroad.

The main development directions of JSC Sevkabel are optical and power cables, self-bearing isolated wires, low-voltage power wires and cable with isolation from seamed polyethylene.

Каталог Cable products (3,6Mb)

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