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Санкт-Петербург: +7 (812) 602-99-60

The main activity of our organization is the installation of high voltage cable lines, transformer substations and equipment.

Installation of high voltage cable lines:

We have all the necessary equipment for laying the high voltage cable. In order to cope with the large volume of work, we have organized 7 teams of plotters simultaneously on objects of the Olympic construction.

For doing installation of high voltage cable sleeves we have trained our employees from such manufacturers as Südkabel, Pfisterer, TE Connectivity (Tyco), ABB Kabeldon, NKT, Nexans, Arkasil. Nowadays, we have extensive experience in the installation of high voltage cable sleeves off 110-500 kV voltage.

Our organization has collected about 2,700 high-voltage cable sleeves on 31.12.2013. Specialists of our company mounted cable sleeves simultaneously in 15 sites in the period of high demand. Company's interests in the sphere of installation are not limited to high-voltage sleeves. Our specialists, trained in Russia and abroad, are ready to perform work on the installation, commissioning and commissioning of fiber optic systems, thermos monitoring and control of PD (partial discharge).

Installation of transformer stations and equipment.

Our company is ready to perform works on installation of transformer substations and equipment for high, average and low voltage.