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Quite frequently we asked to provide supervision of high voltage CABLE laying.

We have great practical experience and necessary theoretical knowledge in cable laying. Сable manufacturers of high voltage cable rely on us and are ensured in our work.

We have experience in supervision of high voltage cable laying from such producers as Suedcabel Germany), TF – Cabel(Poland), Sevkabel and Kirskabel.

Supervision includes:

• Inspection of trench and giving feedbacks of its readiness to cable laying;

• Inspection of cable reel, which are prepared for laying; inspection of equipment, which is used for performance of works; the granting of start works permit.

• Control for works of cable laying; provision of technical recommendations on work execution and preparation of act on performed works.

• Supervision of cable laying off 110-500kv voltage on one construction length ends after sandy gravel mix has been powdered, plate has been covered and electrical testing of the cable sheath. Protocol about successful completion of cable laying to proper building length receiving after positive test results. Subsequent backfilling of the track soil is made without control.

• Supervision of cable laying in underground structures ends after the cable has BEEN attached to steel construction. (In present time) Control over testing of cable’s protective shell after the cable has been laid.