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Assignment of systems:

Thermal monitoring systems are designed to control the temperature of cable lines in real time to provide comprehensive safety and prevent accidents.

Systems describe distribution sensor of temperature, sensitive element of which is fiber optic. Operation principle is based on processing the measurement of the spectral content of the reverse the dispersal of Romonovskiya laser pulse in optic fiber.

The result of each measurement is temperature profile, which represents the temperature distribution along the entire length of the optical fiber.

There are two ways to apply optical fiber as a sensor for measuring distributed temperature of CL:

1) Metal module with optical fibers located in the cable screen (integrated instead of the one wires of the screen in the manufacturing process);

2) Fiber optic cable, with the smallest thickness of the insulating layer is laid along the cable route as close as possible to the shell of the power cable.

There is a standard, which used for temperature measurement of object: the closer the temperature probe is located to the test object, in this case - to the conductor, the faster and more accurately temperature of the layer in which sensor is situated will be measured.